The Importance of Ethical Manufacturing

Not all ethical manufacturing occurs in America, and not all American manufacturing is ethical.

Picturing unethical manufacturing is unfortunately easy to do. We’ve all seen the pictures in the media of the sweatshops in foreign countries. It might surprise you, however, to learn that “American-made” isn’t a guarantee of ethical manufacturing, and many popular stores, have a long history of exploiting workers and state law. As recently as last fall, companies were found paying as little as $4/hour to workers who put in 11-hour days.

However,  not all overseas factories are unethical. At BambooYou, we pride ourselves in our use of not only ethical manufacturing, but also ethical sourcing for all of our sustainable bamboo products. 


From the very beginning of our inception, we sought out the most ethical factories for bamboo manufacturing. Luckily, we were successful in our pursuit! Each and every piece of BambooYou is made by employees in fair conditions making fair wages. Why should this matter? We wanted to create a line of luxurious products that not only do little harm to our planet, but also help it. You can learn more about our eco friendly production process