Benefits of Organic Clothing | BambooYou

Why Organic Clothing?

Organic clothing is becoming more prevalent in stores. These days, shopping involves a lot more than finding an item you like and buying it. Sure, sometimes it can be that simple, but knowing more about the item is important. Are you already buying organic food for your family? If so you already know the important benefits of going organic! If not, you may not be aware of the benefits in both food and the  apparel world. 

Environmental Benefits

In order to take better care of our planet we need to be more environmental pollution. Purchasing a simple loungewear set made from organic bamboo might not seem much, but it is a small step that contributes to bettering the environment. 

Easy Care

Better care is necessary for artificially treated fabrics. Have you ever ruined an outfit by not following the care directions to a T? Organic bamboo clothing not only retains it's shape and color, but also retains it's antibacterial qualities for more than 50 washes! 

Perfect for Sensitive Skin

Have you been suffering through skin irritation with no end in sight? If you've tried all the no brainer fixes, and not had success, consider the fabric you're wearing. Much like with food, chemicals are used on the crops used to create non-organic clothing. In fact, those chemicals have been found in plants internal systems, so a simple run through the washer doesn't fix the problem. With that being said, sensitive skin having people- suffer no more! BambooYou's line of organic bamboo apparel is the perfect fit for you!

Quality & Comfort

If you prioritize quality and comfort, then organic clothing will be your go to time after time. Garments made from organically manufactured and treated fabrics tend to be softer and breathable than the alternative. The lack of chemical treatments also enhances the overall quality of the products.