Bamboo Fabric is Thermo Regulating + Moisture Wicking!

How is BambooYou Absorbent & Breathable?

Bamboo is the softest and least abrasive fabric to delicate skin, due to its ability to pull moisture away from the body. One of our favorite features of bamboo is it's moisture wicking ability! The scientific term for this is the capillary effect or wicking effect and research shows that of the five leading fabrics available on the market, bamboo has the highest capillary effect, absorbing more moisture and drawing it away from the body than other fabrics and also decreasing the level of abrasion and damage to sensitive skin!

When skin becomes sweaty, your clothing causes the level of abrasion to increase, which then worsens skin conditions like eczema. It can be especially harsh on the delicate skin of babies or children with eczema. This is why synthetic fabrics which do not let the skin 'breathe' are notoriously bad for eczema skin.
Did you know that if you sweat the level of abrasion from your clothing doubles?

Even when compared to other 'breathable' fabrics such as cotton and viscose rayon, bamboo is superior due to the spaces between the individual fabric fibers, allowing greater moisture absorption while at the same time allowing more air ventilation through the fabric.

The combination of great absorption and ventilation can result in a person wearing bamboo keeping almost two degrees cooler in warm weather and at least this much warmer in cold weather when the bamboo fibers contract and help to keep warmth in and around the body covered by fabric. Or as we like to say, cool when it's warm and warm when it's cool. 

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